Period Calculator
So Sure’s period calculator takes out the guesswork. It predicts your next period by tracking your cycle for months and calculating its length. Now you can be So Sure and avoid surprises by using our period calculator.

Why Reusable Sanitary Pads?

Are you curious about reusable sanitary pads but still looking for reasons to give them a try? Here are a few reasons why we know you’ll love So Sure!

Superior protection and comfort
So Sure pads are designed with your comfort in mind. They are highly absorptive, keeping you dry and protected for hours. So Sure pads have a leak-proof barrier, giving you the confidence to carry on with your daily activities without worry.

Saves you money
Reusable sanitary pads have a long life span. You can use them for months, even years before replacing them. Think about that, in comparison to purchasing pads monthly.

Gentle on the skin
Reusable sanitary pads will not irritate or burn your skin. The special micro fleece fabric is gentle to skin. They are healthier for you because they are made from soft, breathable cloth and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Better for the planet
Have you wondered what happens to your disposable pads and tampons after your disposal? Probably dumped in a land fill causing harm to the environment as they take years to decompose. With reusable sanitary pads you don’t have to worry about your environment.