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Interesting facts about your period

A common worry for every woman is the amount of blood they will lose during their period. It is actually little. The average woman will lose between 30-40ml of blood over the course of four to five days. That is only 1-3 tablespoons of blood lost. Granted, there are some who experience a significantly heavier flow a condition known as menorrhagia and is often accompanied by painful cramps.  Seek medical attention if you feel they are heavier than normal.

It is very important to know your cycle. Paying close attention to your cycle, to know what’s normal and what isn’t because changes in your cycle can provide clues to your health. Cramps that increase in intensity can be a warning sign of conditions such as fibroids, cysts or endometriosis. Keep a diary that lists the different signs or symptoms you experience every month. Or use a period tracker app, these can help you stay on top of your period.

Did you know that you can become pregnant during your period? It is unlikely, but it is actually quite possible that you can get pregnant if you have sex.  Ovulation can be 14 days after the start of your period, yes, but sometimes, it can be unpredictable.

Sometimes, there is a small amount of bleeding that happens between periods, a phenomenon known as spotting. It can be annoying but it’s nothing to worry about. Spotting is a result of hormonal changes or a hormonal imbalance. Seek medical attention if you are worried.


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