Let’s Talk


Diary of a 15 year old

Dear Diary,

Today when I went to the bathroom, guess what I found? Blood on my cute pink undies! Yes, the new ones Mummy bought last week. I know I am supposed to stay calm but I completely panicked, removed my undies, scrubbed and scrubbed till the blood came off.

This is is really happening… I remember Miss. Nyendo saying it can happen from 11 onwards – I have been waiting to start but I always thought there was something wrong with me. All the other girls in class have got their period.  They can’t stop talking about it…everyone keeps saying “me too.” I felt a little left out but today, I have arrived too. Ok, I have so many mixed feelings but Miss Nyendo did say being emotional at this time of month is normal.  A part of me is excited to tell all the Miss “know- it-all” that “I have my first period too!”  But I feel shy.

I already feel all over the place…Is this something to be really excited about it?  None of the other girls looked excited?!

Now, I have to tell Mummy so that I get pads! I know she will be cool about it, but I still feel a little shy.  I know we have talked about it before but – Anyway, she always ask if I need pads when she is buying Sheila hers.  Oh, I want those fancy pink ones – to match my pink undies.  I am now a lady!

My sisters have nothing on me. No more telling me to leave the room when they are talking. I am a lady too. Some respect! R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Love Sandra (Let’s see how long my first period lasts)